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About Us

LERA Bracelets was started by Aphrodite Dimopoulos and Ellen Efkarpidis, two high schoolers from Long Island who wanted to find a way to help make a difference. The idea was born in light of the recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement is one that will define a generation, and a common frustration among teenagers is that they don’t know how they can make a difference from home. That is where LERA Bracelets come in.

LERA Bracelets is here to provide an easy way to donate to reputable and important causes (listed in the Foundations page). 100% of the profits from LERA products will be distributed between these causes, which are subject to change depending on need at the time of donation.

Beyond donating, the LERA Bracelet itself has tremendous significance. The bracelet can serve many purposes: a reminder of the current injustices occurring in our world, a promise to oneself to make strides in becoming actively anti-racist, and a symbol of unity among those who wear it. The LERA Bracelet is for fighting human issues, and we believe that change begins with each and every individual.

What Does LERA Mean?

The letters in LERA stand for the steps you can and should take to make real change.

Public Demonstration
Election Campaign
Crowd Protesting


In times like these, when we are so divided both socially and politically, it is important to educate yourself. Before forming opinions, it is vital to explore both sides of whatever cause you wish to advocate for, especially if you wish to educate those around you.


In order to be united, topics of social justice should not be an argument, but an ongoing conversation. Speak to those around you about their views to gain perspective and make sure to share your knowledge without dismissing the opinions of others.


Once you have educated yourself, do not stay silent. Speak up for what you believe in. The importance of bringing these injustices to light cannot be understated. We must also remember that a key part in properly responding to social issues is listening.


Raising awareness is a great step to take, but what is more important is what happens next. There are so many things that you can do to make a change, several of which include donating, signing petitions, contacting your local officials, and going to protests.


The LERA Bracelet

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